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May - On the Radar

On the Radar is a monthly collection of blogs, columns and news events that focus on child custody and divorce.

Not only does it promotes equal sharing of parental duties and responsibilities, shared parenting is also considered the best approach and the commonsense solution as it prioritizes the well-being and best interests of both the parents and the children.

9 Things Every Person Who Grew Up with Divorced Parents Should Know
even though there is loss associated with divorce, the family can emerge with a new identity and understanding of one another but a sense of belonging all about them.

Bird's Nest Parenting" is increasing. This technique allows the kids to stay in one house and the divorcing parents move in and out. 

The rules of parenting after divorcecan lead to the same benefits of Bird Nest Parenting.  Building a new relationship with your ex can evolve in a way that’s good for the kids.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be distracting from child-rearing, upending family routines and fueling stress in the home, a small, new study finds.

Living the Life

Who has initial custody of a child by unmarried parents? How do you terminate a Shared Parenting Plan? What factors are considered when granting visitation in divorce court? How do you acquire grandparent visitation rights? These are some of the procedural issues we will be discussing in this section.

Our practice focuses on providing Ohio Child Custody Law legal services. A parent, educated on the law and with reasonable expectations, is in a far better position to build a healthy, positive plan for their children. Among the purposes of this website is to aid in educating parents and to lead them to help when they need it.

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The Custody Process: A Primer

Here are a few pointers on how the system worksand some phrases you will often hear ina custody case.

Each month we hunt down the best of single parenting resources on the web. We just discovered a website devoted to single parenting at Parenting.com that we want to share.  They promise they can lighten your load with tips and tricks that apply to your raising kids on your own.

Child's Reaction to Divorce

Looking for a little extra help and information?  Here is an aggragation of local programs, govenrment links  and court contacts.

How will your children react to your separation from your spouse?  Will they be depressed?  Will it impact their school work?  Will your son or daughter blame you for the breakup?  The experts say how a child reacts is often dependent on their age. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the impact of divorce on your children. 

There has to be a better way
So, you thought parenting couldn’t get tougher . . . until you ended up in court with your ex (or soon-to-be ex) in a dispute over the custody of your children. You find yourself surrounded by complete strangers given the task of investigating, evaluating, and finally, deciding what is in the best interest of your children. Since when does someone else know what is in the best interest of your children?  Unfortunately, this is the child custody process. While your break-up with its division of assets was frustrating, the question of your children’s custody can be downright terrifying.

How often will your kids be with you? How often will they be with your ex? What will you do about the holidays? Who has the final word on school, medical treatment, religion, discipline or extracurricular activities? Can your ex take your kids around anyone they please? Who is going to pay child support? You can either resolve these issues with your ex or the court will do it for you. In Ohio, the court resolves these issues by applying a set of rules found in the Ohio Revised Code and a multitude of family law court decisions.

The purpose of this website is to describe many of the rules, and procedures the domestic relations court and juvenile court uses in Ohio to resolve child custody issues. It is also shares resources and current research that we have dicovered to help you in your decision making as a single parent. We are obligated to tell you THIS IS NOT OHIO CUSTODY LEGAL ADVICE.